Audion Speedpack

Audion Speedpack
The Speedpack is a manual fill and seal machine, with tubular material rolled up on the filling chute.

The Speedpack is a manual fill and seal machine, with tubular material rolled up on the filling chute. By inserting the product(s) in the filling chute, the product will descend due to it’s own weight, taking the tubular material with it. Once the product has fallen to the bottom of the bag, the seal cycle can be started by pulling down the arm of the machine. Seal time can be set with a timer.

The machine is equipped with two impulse sealing bars. In between the bars is an adjustable knife which can be used to make a definite cut to separate the bags or a perforated cut to achieve chain bags. The adjustable bag support help you obtain the required length of bags. See the drawing for the principle of the machine.

The Speedpack is ideal for the packaging of small and medium series of parts which needs to be grouped or packed. Another advantage of the machine is the fact that the bag size can be varied according to the product by changing the size of the filling chute or adjusting the bag support to change the bag length. Since the tubular material is rolled up on the filling chute, the film will wrinkle a bit, depending on the time the film will be on the filling chute. Therefore we do not advise this machine for packages where the presentation of the bag is important.

Tekniset ominaisuudet
Speedpack 230 SP
Closing of the sealing bar
Manual, by pulling the arm
Cutting of bag
Seal timer
Option in stainless steel
Not available
Max. length of bag
Ca. 250 mm
Max. thickness of product
120 mm
Max. seal length
Ca. 230 mm
Seal width
2x ca 2 mm
Max. film thickness (PE)
Ca. 2x 0,10 mm
220V-1Ph-50/60 Hz
375 Watt
21 Kg + filling chutes
Dimensions (carton)
60x45x60 cm

Speedpack 230 SP
SP 321*

Film width in cm
Product passage
Internal dimensions
K 1608
41 mm x 30 mm
K 1609 9 52 mm x 27 mm
K 1610
61 mm x 27 mm
78 mm x 31 mm
K 1615
95 mm x 31 mm

K 1620
131 mm x 51 mm