Audionvac VMS 153 VCB

Audionvac VMS 153 VCB
Vertical tabletop model

Vertical tabletop model

Digital control panel with 10 programs

Stainless steel chamber

Flat transparent lid

Forming cassette (custom design)

The VMS 153 VCB is ideal for creating vacuum brick bags of powdered products (such as ground coffee) or nuts. The brick shape is created with a custom designed forming cassette, which is useable for multiple bag per cycle operation. To ensure nice brick shape, a "stamper" is delivered with the machine with which the top of the package can be flattened prior to vacuuming. 

It is possible to pack stand-up pouches as well as brick package by exchanging the forming cassette with the optional platform. When the platform is attached, it is possible to use the gas flush option.

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Technical information VMS 153 VCB
Seal width 5 mm bi-active seal
Seal bar configurations

Maximum product size (WxDxH)

380 x 80 x 280 mm (size of brick)

Machine dimensions (WxDxH) 490 x 490 x 750 mm
Carton size incl. pallet (WxDxH) 580 x 730 x 970 mm / 116 kg
Pump capacity 21 m³/h
Power supply 230 V - 1 Ph - 50 Hz
Power consumption 0.75 - 1.0 kW