Smipack BP 800AR 340P

Smipack BP 800AR 340P
Automatic 90° infeed shrinkwrappers with monoblock structure and sealing bar

Advantages - BP800AR 340P

  • Automatic shrinkwrappers with 90° infeed
  • Without automatic pack collation
  • Mono-chamber tunnel
  • 90° Infeed conveyor with adjustable speed controlled by Inverter
  • Product carrying by automatic left or right conveyor
  • Product presence photocell
  • Motorized pusher controlled by Inverter and Encoder
  • Motorized upper film unwinding controlled by Inverter
  • Motorized lower film unwinding
  • Tunnel belt with adjustable speed controlled by Inverter
  • Included: feet for the machine fastening, press rod to stop products, cooling fan at the tunnel outlet
  • Automatic, semiautomatic, pass through mode
  • Monoblock frame
  • Pneumatic sealing bar
  • Pneumatic fi lm cut by cold blade
  • Sealing bar equipped with safety sensors
  • Rollers are positioned on the upper and lower unwinders to make the reels easier to load
  • Metric graduation based fi lm reels centering system
  • Flextron® electronic control system working by means of an LCD alphanumeric control panel, equipped with a 16 bit microprocessor with integrated modular board of the power circuit,composed of:
    • Power Base card
    • Independent Inverter cards
    • In/Out control modules
  • Such system allows a simple and accurate control of all current operations, that is:
    • storing of 20 different working cycles
    • automatic control of the bars height
    • speed adjustment of the shrinkwrapper and tunnel conveyors by means of an Inverter
  • Process statistics:
    • letter gauge
    • pack length identifi cation
    • instantaneous production
    • machine effi ciency
    • detection of faulty packs
  • Tunnel air fl ow adjustable by means of independent defl ectors
  • Tunnel conveyor equipped with heat-resistant glass fi bre bars (SMI patent) and with an additional central chain which ensures that:
    • the conveyor stiffness grants stability to the products passing through, for a compact and well-shrunk pack
    • the conveyor can bear a product weight up to 30 kilos
    • the conveyor bars never get rusted, as it happens when using traditional metallic conveyors
    • the maintenance is easy and low-cost, thanks to the possibility of replacing just the worn out bars
  • Tunnel automatic turn-off system
  • Low power consumption
  • Compliance with CE regulations
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Technical data - BP800AR 340P
Power supply 220 - 240 / 380 - 415 V
3PH + PE / 3PH + N + PE
50/60 Hz
Installed power 17360 W
Air pressure 6 Bar
Required air 11.5 Nl/p
Maximum output up to 15 ppm**
Product maximum height 380 mm
Sealing bar 760 mm
Maximum size of film reel 750 x Ø 350 mm
Working board height 940-1105 mm
Machine size 3050 x 2470 x mm
h 2150-2315 mm
Machine net weight 765 Kg
Packed machine size 3135 x 1425 x 2285 - 1570 x 650 x 1600 mm
Packed machine weight 855 Kg
Advised film: LDPE 20 - 100 µ